Privacy Impact Assessments & Information Sharing Agreements

Public bodies are required to conduct privacy impact assessments for new initiatives that involve the collection, use and/or disclosure of personal information. A privacy impact assessment is basically a privacy report card to review any new or existing initiative to ensure that all privacy protection measures are in place and meet your legislated privacy obligations. For some organizations that collect and maintain a significant amount of personal information, this process can put a significant strain on already tight resources. For others who aren’t as familiar with the documentation requirements, the mere thought of how to complete a privacy impact assessment can be quite daunting.

Private sector organizations are recognizing privacy impact assessments as a beneficial compliance process as well.

Hooper Access and Privacy Consulting Ltd. will develop privacy impact assessments for your organization without any further impact to your current resources. We specialize in developing privacy impact assessments for both private sector and public sector organizations and are a proven leader in developing sophisticated assessment documents which clearly demonstrate your privacy commitment.

In addition, we can document any ongoing exchanges of personal information between your organization and another external organization to clearly articulate the terms and processes surrounding the data sharing.