Privacy Breach Investigations & Remediation

Do you think you have a breach?

Privacy breaches can be personally devastating to any individual whose personal information is disclosed or accessed inappropriately. In addition, the reputation of your organization can be negatively impacted as the public become less interested in engaging with your services due to concerns for their privacy protection. Unfortunately, breaches do occur, and if they do, it's important to act quickly and effectively in managing the situation regardless of how large or small the breach is.

Hooper Access and Privacy Consulting Ltd. provides breach remediation and investigation services to ensure that breaches are addressed effectively to reduce the impacts to those affected and to your organization’s reputation. Once we have confirmed that a breach has occurred, we will assess the scenario to help determine the extent of the breach, the number of individuals affected and the sensitivity of the information accessed or disclosed, as well as the level of risk to the affected individuals and your organization.

Our comprehensive step by step process ensures that measures are taken to ensure that the breach can’t continue to occur, the impacts to all parties are assessed and communications with all affected individuals are completed. Internal communications regarding the status of the remediation and expected outcomes will also be provided. In addition, we will provide an assessment report of the breach detailing all steps taken to remediate the scenario, services provided to affected individuals and recommendations to ensure that similar breaches won’t occur in the future.